Hey guys!
Ok so first, my name is Livie, and I`m one of the Belgian Global Ambassadors!
Yesterday, we had our first Global Ambassadors meeting! On this meeting, we talked about our program, and we had a lot of things and experiences to do during the Jamboree!
We are going to have some special activities that only the Ambassadors are able to do! But we have some really early morning activities that are able to do too!
Then, we had some free time for eating and take some fresh air.
After that, we had a second meeting for the opening ceremony. We had to cheer the flags of our country and wave them when we were on our little scene!
That was a really great experience!
Then, we could watch the rest of the ceremony, and it was awesome!

Today, our fist activity started! I didn`t went to mine, because it was really to early, and I was a bit afraid of the dark, so, I didn`t go…
But, I had fun with my friends! at first, I saw some other contigent and I have done some associations activities. I went to the Unicef, to WWF, and to Kaiciid. Unicef is an association who most of the time, help children to go to school, to have something to eat, give them clothes and medication. WWF is a helping animals association. They learn me to safe animals by doing simple stuff! and Kaiciid is a dialogue center association for helping people to have more peace in some religious and political discussion!

That`s all for me!
I will write later!

Livie Englebert

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