Today marked the start of our ambassador programme. The Singapore contingent went to BMX (mountain biking) while I went to the ambassador headquarters to do some work.The Summit Bechtel Reserve gets very cold at night, and it becomes very misty in the morning. The upside of this is that it makes for some excellent scenery along the way! While I was making my way to the area, I walked across a lake, and the scenery was nothing short of breathtaking.

Scenery by the lake

It was so fascinating and lovely. As someone who loves nature, this was simply so wonderful. I had hiked with my family in many scenic areas all over the world, and such an atmosphere means much to me. After blogging and returning back to my patrol (who were doing BMX), I headed off to view a dialogue between scouts and an astronaut on the ISS.I did go into the session under the impression that it would be an authentic dialogue session. Unfortunately, the entire thing was scripted – the scouts chosen had to read the questions given to them ad verbatim. It was also over in 30 minutes, unlike the 3.5 hours which was initially told to us. Nevertheless, I suppose there are always problems when communicating into space, such as cost (which was the actual reason for this instance). I suppose that is something new that I learnt today! (did I spoil the fun?)

The astronaut on the ISS

I was feeling slightly down and quite tired today. Down was because I couldn’t go to activities with my patrol (which is something I was looking forward to), and tired because all activities have been physically tiring. The good thing was that we finally bathed early! It was clear that it was much less cold. In such a great event as this, it is important for us to get sufficient rest.Another unfortunate thing was the long time needed to wash all dishes. I was not sure what happened, but we took 4 hours to cook and wash up which was a disaster. I would like to think we have learnt from our lesson, as we are all slowly learning and reevaluation everything.

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