Day 2 at the jamboree, in the eyes of Elsa Backenfall:

The day started off with a beautiful but challenging hike up to the “ Big Zip”. It was really early in the morning so the sun was just beginning to rise and it fell beautifully over the treetops, with all the fog up on the hill you really got a fairytale sense. It was truly magical seeing how the world slowly woke up and leaving a sleeping jamboree to come back to one that’s full of life.
The actual riding part of the zip went really fast so you didn’t have a lot of time to look around but the parts you did get to made the time stand still for a while and that’s pretty amazing considering that it’s one of the fastest in the whole wide world.

After the zip it was time for something like a brunch and then quickly back to the Scott summit center to talk to Drew from the international NASA space team. It was really exciting listening to what he had to say about the world and different kind of research and what they hope that specific research will do to help the world become a better place.

In the evening it was time for another celebration, one of the jamborees specialties. It was time for a base camp bash, since I live in F this is where I went. I really enjoyed being with friends and hearing the amazing music. It was a kind of honor to listen to a two time Grammy award winner. When the music stopped playing everybody headed on home for their tents and a wonderful night awaits.

Goodnight scout friends, Elsa.

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