Today it was a special day (again). We as Global Ambassadors went to Charleston, the capital city of West-Virginia. We did 3 different activities, which took the whole day.



First we went to the West Virginia state museum, which is in the archives of Charleston. We got a students discovery guide, which made it much nicer to walk through the museum. The museum was about the past of virginia with topics like the civil war and mineworkers.



We also went to the archive. There were a lot of books and papers about everything you can think about. From a letter from Lincoln to yearbooks to information about prisoners to maps from the whole area.



Lastly we went to JQ Dickinson salt factory. They show us how they make salt. Seasalt. In the middle of america. We saw the boxes where the salt in crystalizes and how they sort out the salt. Making salt as a whole is an organic process and they sort the salt out by hand.



Maybe one of the best things of today was making new friends. I hang out most of the time with Maya and Mark, which are amazing people. We laughed a lot and have had really good talks. I’m glad I have met them, and perhaps, perhaps, this is a friendship for life.



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