Imagine 11,400 acres of land, filled with tents! Imagine 50,000 people from across the world, camping in them. Imagine these people, all of them sharing their very different cultures with each other. That is what Cultural Day at the World Scout Jamboree looks like.

My patrol spent our morning wandering around, stopping at all the different campsites. All of the scouts had their sites set up to show off their cultures. They offered us food, taught us games and dances, and chatted about their countries. Many of the scouts were also dressed in traditional clothing from their country, which was amazing.

After learning about the cultures from some other countries, we trekked back over to our camp. Our unit was serving bannock, which is a traditional Canadian flatbread, giving people maple leaf tattoos, and teaching them how to play curling, which is a Canadian sport.

The unity show was tonight, and it was amazing to hear scouts speaking about their cultures and religions. There were dancing, singing, and praying, followed up by a surprise visit from Broadway. After singing, my heart came out to Disney songs.

I’m exhausted and ready to fall asleep as I write.


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