Day 5 at the World Scout Jamboree had arrived and today our contingent had a whole day of activities on Mount Jack. As we took our breakfast on the way to Mount Jack we were all a bit tired but we had the courage to continue to hike on top of Mount Jack and conquer all the obstacles we would find in our way. In 30 minutes we made it on too of Mount Jack and we were all proud of having this timing. Since we rose up early we were the first contingent to find on the Mountain and so we were first in line for the Spartan Obstacle Course. Till that time our energy had be pumped up and we were ready to finish this obstacle. After completing the obstacle which by the way our contingent took the long one we continued to visit Mount Jack. While the whole contingent was at Mount Jack’s BBQ, 2 participants from our contingent left Mount Jack and went to meet with immediate past USA Secretary of State and past national president of the USA Scouts along with other officials where they had a small talk with and even took a photo with them. After the whole contingent cooked a meal and went roaming around the campsite.
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