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24th World Scout Jamboree

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Centro Mondial

Faith and Beliefs
The Foundations, Faith, and Spirituality area allows Scouts a place to deepen their understanding of a scout’s Duty to God. Explore what it means to have faith, how different faith traditions are related, learn about the details of specific faiths, and become a Messenger of Peace.

North American Dream
Scouts will have the opportunity to dive into what makes North America unique. While distinct nations, Canada, Mexico, and the United States have much in common and the North American Dream will feature a series of exhibits and activities that explore these topics.

Living in the 21st Century
Scouts will see how the 21st century has created an environment where ideas flourish across many topics. Explore program areas, learn skills, and create ideas about food, exploration, communications and media, transportation, and the workforce of the future to be a better global citizen in the years to come.

Connected Experience

An informed Jamboree is an engaged Jamboree. The Communications team will promote all activities of the World Jamboree using a combination of technologies meant to inspire participants to action each day.

Cultural Experience
The Cultural Experience of the World Jamboree is about helping Scouts from around the globe better understand each other’s perspective, appreciate their differences, and recognize the common values of Scouting that bind them together.

Global Engagement – (Join-In-Jamboree)
The 24th World Scout Jamboree will expand beyond the physical Jamboree site to impact Scouts around the world. The Global Engagement team will ensure that every member of the Scouting Movement has the chance to meaningfully participate in the Jamboree and benefit from the Jamboree experience.

Our Story
“That the powerful play may go on, and that you may contribute a verse.” Our Story is the mechanism for each Jamboree participant, leader and IST member to contribute their voice to the overall narrative of the Jamboree.

Personal Development
The World Jamboree is a period of personal growth for all participants. The Personal Development team is tasked with ensuring participants can understand the transformation that comes from being exposed to the diversity of experiences present.

Global Development Village

The Global Development Village (GDV) is an interactive, engaging space designed to raise awareness about global issues, build capacities among young people, exchange ideas, and create a strong commitment for Creating a Better World. The GDV will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

1 – No Poverty
2 – Zero Hunger
3 – Good Health and Well-Being
4 – Quality Education
5 – Gender Equality
6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
7 – Affordable and Clean Energy
8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
10 – Reduced Inequalities
11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
13 – Climate Action
14 – Life Below Water
15 – Live on Land
16 – Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
17 – Partnership for the Goals

Mount Jack

Campfire on Mount Jack
An evening barbeque dinner and campfire program, scheduled by subcamps, located on Mt Jack to give the experience of a North American Scout camp.

Mount Jack Mountain Top Experience
Located a short hike from the center of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, Mount Jack provides a day-long program that incorporates history, athletics, entertainment, and more. Program features include: 1st Scout Camp in North America, Athletic events, Indigenous Peoples, Pioneer Village, Spartan Race, Tartan Games, and Wood, Ropes & Spars.

Rover Brigade

The Rover Brigade consists of two groups of International Service Team members, ages 18 – 25. The Puma Patrol brings together IST members from the host countries, Canada, USA, and Mexico, who love to socialize with scouts. The Puma Patrol will serve as the face of the Jamboree. The Baden-Powell Corps is open to all countries and is for Rover scouts who love to act upon and resolve any challenge that comes their way.

Stadium Events

Stadium Shows
Scheduled on three different evenings, the Stadium Shows will bring wonder and excitement to attendees with a mix of music, theatrics, and a few surprises. You will find these shows in the AT&T Summit Stadium. The shows are the highlights of the World Scout Jamboree, and where you’ll likely catch a glimpse of famous musicians, dignitaries, and leaders from around the world.

Base Camp Bashes
On evenings where there is not a Stadium Show the action comes to the Base Camps for a spectacular, high-energy experience, that is one-part concert/one-part dance-party, with enough energy, diversity, and fun to rival any single other Jamboree event. Youth from all National Scout Organizations are invited to be a part of these new festival-like events.

World Scout Jamboree Band
Made up of International Service Team musicians, playing instruments from all corners of the globe, the Jamboree Band is sure to be one of the most unique elements of the Jamboree, and certainly will provide the Scout Spirit to all in attendance.

World Point

Festival of Nations
World Point will be hub of excitement and activity during the 24th World Scout Jamboree. Home to the World Scout Center, National Scout Organizations are encouraged to showcase their culture and highlight the uniqueness of their countries. Scouts will learn about different cultures, what makes them unique, and what we all have in common.

Friendship Hub
National Scout Organizations may reserve, in advance, a reception area to host a special event within the World Scout Jamboree site.

Showcase Stages
World Point will also offer stages with professional equipment for those countries who would like to offer cultural performances. Daily program will include music, dance, and cultural experiences.