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24th World Scout Jamboree

Develop Friendships


Scouts have a long history of being good stewards to the environment. The Sustainability Treehouse is a living education center for visitors to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, not only providing information, but also immersing visitors in the concept of sustainability. Between the local timber used to build the structure, the rainwater recovery system, and the wind and solar generated energy, the Sustainability Treehouse is not just a museum, it’s an adventure. Stream restoration, recycling and geothermal heat are just a few examples of the additional sustainability efforts practiced at the Summit.

Global Development Village

At the Global Development Village, Scouts will have the opportunity to learn about global issues and how Scouting can help provide a solution. Many organizations will be on site from across the globe to showcase how Scouts can take what they learn at the jamboree and translate that into helping in their home country.

Faith and Beliefs

The Faith and Beliefs zone is an area where Scouts can learn about the different religions of the world and their history and support of Scouting. Jamboree participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a religious service according to their own custom and traditions.

Cultural Experience Day

The jamboree will come alive with the sight and sounds of the cultures of the world. Scouts will have the opportunity to share their culture with other Scouts through, music, dance, games, food and more.

Daily Events/ Ceremonies

During the jamboree, Scouts will have the opportunity to witness and participate in many special activities. Start each morning with a flag raising ceremony, stop by to hear a talk from a special jamboree guest, catch the afternoon performance by a band, look up for an aircraft flyover, or sit down at night and tell stories by the campfire with new friends from another country. Each day at the jamboree will be unique and full of surprises.

Stadium Experience

The opening and closing shows will take place in the AT&T Summit Stadium. These exciting and memorable shows will showcase the best of Scouting and provide an unforgettable experience for all.

Patch Trading

Trading Scout patches, uniforms and memorabilia is an experience that is understood in all languages, and is a custom that goes back to the beginning of the Scouting movement. Scouts will have many opportunities to make new friends while trading patches during the jamboree.