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Mt. Jack

A mountaintop experience!

Each World Scout Jamboree participant will have the opportunity for a mountaintop experience on Mt. Jack, where unique adventures await. This day-long program will feature a brisk, yet picturesque hike up Mt. Jack, the highest point of the Summit Bechtel Reserve. There, you’ll find a collection of unique activity centers ready for you to explore. While enjoying your day on Mt. Jack, you will have the chance to see commanding overlooks of the World Scout Jamboree site and the New River Gorge.

Preparing for your trek:

Be prepared for inclement weather. The hike will be on well-established trails. Sturdy footwear is recommended.

Full water bottles are a must! Hydration stations are located at the trail head, along the trails, and throughout Mt. Jack. It’s recommended to use the restroom at the trailhead prior to embarking.

If you have any questions, find the nearest Pathfinder staff member who can help you on your journey! Pathfinder teams will ensure participants are prepared for their Mt. Jack hike, support public safety responses to lost Scout or inclement weather situations, and help with Mt. Jack information platforms and campfire programs.

You are scheduled for your Mt. Jack experience based on  your basecamp:

  • Basecamp Alpha: 24 July
  • Basecamp Bravo: 27 July
  • Basecamp Charlie: 29 July
  • Basecamp Delta: 30 July
  • Basecamp Foxtrot: 25 July

Mt. Jack is open to all visitors on 31 July.

Mt. Jack Hours:

9:00 am-3:00 pm

Mt. Jack programs and activities:

Spartan Race
LOCATION: Mt. Jack West
Two courses of varying difficulty, each designed to be run as an individual or as a team. These courses will test your mind, body, and spirit. Participant patrols will have the opportunity to compete against other patrols head-to-head or against the clock for the best time each day.

Wood, Rope, & Spars
LOCATION: Mt. Jack West
Experience a vast collection of hands-on traditional and modern projects made of wood and ropes, all built onsite. Check out the geosphere globe. Ride the BP carousel! Use wood tools to make games and working mallets.

1st Scout Camp of North America
LOCATION: Mt. Jack West
Step back in time over 100 years ago and experience how early Scouts lived, camped, ate, learned skills and played games in North America’s first camps.

Field Sports
LOCATION: Mt. Jack East
Participate in team and individual sports from around the world including soccer, basketball, volleyball, disk golf and more!

Friendship Tartan Games
LOCATION: Mt. Jack East
Traditional Highland games that are popular around the world, many of which have evolved into modern Olympic events.

Frontier Village
LOCATION: Mt. Jack East
Step into the Village and experience the activities of life on the North American Frontier in the 1800s. Fire a blackpowder rifle, throw a tomahawk, visit the blacksmith shop, make rope, and talk with characters from the past as you experience life on the frontier.

Mt. Jack Campfire
LOCATION: Mt. Jack East
During the program day on Mt. Jack, participants will enjoy an afternoon campfire program. They will experience live musical performances and other entertainment, reminiscent of campfire programs at the Boy Scouts of America’s high adventure bases.

Time: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm


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