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Model United Nations

We live in a big, complex world of interconnected cultures, economies, ecosystems, and countries. The 2019 World Scout Jamboree theme encourages us to ‘unlock a new world;’ the Model United Nations program helps us do that by bringing together Scouts from different countries to develop informed perspectives on today’s global world, along with the critical thinking, leadership, communication, and collaboration skills to solve pressing problems and to promote authentic global citizenship.

What is a Model UN?

The Model United Nations (MUN) is a learning experience in which Scouts simulate the works of the United Nations. Participants become delegates of the 193 Member States of the United Nations (UN) and they debate pre-set topics. In their roles as delegates, Scouts will represent their assigned countries’ policies realistically. Effective Model UN delegates “stay in character”. Typically, well-prepared delegates do extensive research before they participate in Model UN conferences, so they can play their roles not as individuals but as representatives of their assigned countries.

Model UN programs are characterized by a spirit of collaboration, an appreciation for interconnectedness, and a diplomatic perspective. Student delegates are encouraged to ponder:

  • How can I learn about the world?
  • How does what I know about key global issues and do about them make sense in the larger context of today’s world?

Why should I participate in the Model UN?

We encourage you to participate in MUN because it is an excellent experiential learning opportunity! You will learn by doing the very same things that diplomats, foreign service representatives, and peacekeepers do in and for the United Nations. You will grapple with world issues and work toward real solutions through resolutions that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders in 2015 and by Scouting in 2017.

When is the Model UN? How long will it last?

The MUN will be conducted from 23-25 July. Mandatory sessions will be held on the afternoon of 23 July, and the mornings of 24 and 25 July. Optional sessions will be held on afternoons of 24 and 25 July.

How do I participate in the Model UN?

Model United Nations participants have been nominated and approved by their National Scouting Organization (NSO).

NSOs will be informed which members of their delegations have been selected for the MUN program. Some advanced preparation by selected delegates prior to arrival at the WSJ is required. Preparation of selected delegates will be conducted by the Osgood Center for International Studies via webinar from early June until mid-July.

You can learn more about the Model UN Program at the Osgood Center for International Studies.

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