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The Jamboree Band

The World Scout Jamboree Band is comprised of 80 musicians who will supply musical entertainment for ceremonies, events, and generally to interest the many Scouts and visitors to the Jamboree. Musicians will be made up of registered Jamboree IST members, primarily in the young-adult age range. Scouts and volunteers proficient on many different instrument and voice, from NSOs around the world, have been selected for the 24th World Scout Jamboree Band. Musical selections and performances will be developed with diversity in mind, with a strong attempt to feature all instruments, especially unique soloists and combinations, not traditionally seen in Western Music.

This will be the inaugural World Scout Jamboree Band, and therefore, the first time that such a unique mix of Scouts from around this world will perform together in the
Jamboree’s 99 year history!

Along with the main ensemble, the World Scout Jamboree Band will have sub-groups, including percussion ensembles, chamber groups, rock-bands, and even choral groups.

The mission of the World Scout Jamboree Band is to “Amplify the Scouting Spirit!” Throughout your say at the Summit, there will be dozens of opportunities to hear the World Scout Jamboree Band. Be sure to catch a short song in passing at a program area, or an entire performance that will launch each Base Camp Bash.

We look forward to celebrating with you, and are proud to be a part of your 24th World Scout Jamboree adventure in Unlocking a New World!

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