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Extreme Sports

BIKING ATTIRE: Gloves appropriate for biking are recommended but not required. A helmet will be provided and is required to participate. BMX provides and requires
knee & elbow pads to be worn. Special cycling shoes (for use with clipless pedals) are not allowed as the pedals on our bikes are flat.

SKATEBOARDING ATTIRE: Lightweight rubber soled shoes that are closed-toe and do not go above the ankle. Over-the-ankle hiking boots are not appropriate for skateboarding. Also, please plan to bring a water bottle (not a bladder) with your name on it. A helmet and knee & elbow pads are required and provided to


Low Gear (Mountain Biking)

DESCRIPTION: From first time riders to expert Mountain Bike racers, Low Gear has something for everyone. Low Gear features 27 miles (43 km) of cross-country and advanced downhill trails to challenge the best mountain bike riders! Prepare for an adventure as you travel some of the best trails at the Summit and get a great workout.

TIME TO COMPLETE: You decide how long you want to ride.

LOCATION: Low Gear (37.902574, -81.124498)

Action Point Mountain Biking

DESCRIPTION: Learn basic mountain biking skills as you travel under the CONSOL Energy Bridge along the Jared Harvey Mountain Biking Trails. The main trails will start out easy but have areas to challenge even the best riders. Go at your own speed and just have fun!

TIME TO COMPLETE: 30 minutes

LOCATION: Action Point (37.918414, -81.120887)

The Park (Skateboarding)

DESCRIPTION: You can’t beat the freedom of skateboarding, carving pristine concrete, hitting the vert of the half pipe or ripping streetstyle. Develop your skateboarding skill-set to get comfortable with your board under your feet and get the most out of your skate experience at the second-largest skate facility in the United States. The Park offers something for every ability, from beginner to seasoned thrasher. Build up your skill in the bowl, reach new heights on the vert ramp, or grind out new combos street-style in The Park.

TIME TO COMPLETE: You decide how long you want to skate.

LOCATION: The Park (37.917841, -81.149186)

Action Point Skateboard

DESCRIPTION: Want to learn to skateboard or learn something new? Then Action Point Skate is for you! We have outstanding instructors to teach anyone and everyone. Beginners and intermediates will find it fun and exciting and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn. Street features and a mini ramp are sure to build your skills. We supply the board, pads and helmet to keep you safe.

TIME TO COMPLETE: You decide how long you want to skate.

LOCATION: Action Point (37.917998, -81.120998)

The Trax (BMX Biking)

DESCRIPTION: If you want a challenge? If you want a thrill? If you want to get lots of air? Then come to The Trax. There are 6 different BMX-style tracks for all skill levels. You can learn to ride then put your abilities to the test. You can move from track to track. By the end of the day you will be flying. For more fun, more excitement come to The Trax.

TIME TO COMPLETE: As long as you want to ride.

LOCATION: The Trax (37.918803, -81.153581)

Action Point BMX

DESCRIPTION: Learn the skills needed to take on the humps and bumps of our BMX track. Four tracks will challenge you. Go head-to-head as one of eight riders to see who will win the race, featuring X-Games style starting gates.

TIME TO COMPLETE: As long as you want to ride.

LOCATION: Action Point (37.91721, -81.120809)


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