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REQUIRED ATTIRE: Other than swimsuit, nothing else is ‘required’. Sun protection (hat, sunscreen, rash guard, etc) advised, plus a water bottle. All activities are bare feet, so special footwear is not required.


DESCRIPTION: Learn how to select a paddle and use it properly (shoulder rotation, blade rotation using control hand, etc.) as well as basic maneuvers and how to get in and out of your kayak. Once on the water, you’ll practice the maneuvers you’ve learned. For the advanced kayaker, put your skills to the test with interactive games.

TIME TO COMPLETE: 30 minutes

LOCATION: Tridave Lake (37.908745, -81.122057)

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

DESCRIPTION: Cruise on Goodrich Lake West on a Standup Paddleboard. You’ll be shown how to select a paddle and receive instruction in basic maneuvers. On the water, practice basic maneuvers under staff direction. Once the basics are mastered, come back to join an advanced group and experience the SUP trail.

TIME TO COMPLETE: 30 minutes

LOCATION: Goodrich Lake West (37.915202, -81.137305)

Team Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

DESCRIPTION: Is your paddling team ready to compete? In this timed event your six person team will race around a buoyed course on a gigantic Stand Up Paddleboard. Teamwork is a must!

TIME TO COMPLETE: 30 minutes

LOCATION: Goodrich Lake East (37.915832, -81.134469)


DESCRIPTION: The jamboree scuba activity introduces you to the wonders of breathing underwater using state-of-the-art scuba equipment in one of our four custom-built 40 ft x 80 ft (12 m x 24 m) above-ground pools.

TIME TO COMPLETE: 30 minutes

LOCATION: The Pools (37.916518, -81.144869)

Water Reality

DESCRIPTION: Bring your game face because Water Reality is a floating obstacle course in the lake that you and three of your mates will tackle in a timed event. You’ll be wearing life jackets and helmets. The best team times will be posted each day: try to beat them!

TIME TO COMPLETE: 20 minutes

LOCATION: Goodrich Lake West (37.916002, -81.135991)

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