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Postal Mail Services

Imagine how far you traveled to get here. Send a stamped letter home on the same adventurous journey! Family and friends will be excited to receive it. And if you are expecting mail, ask your leader to check your subcamp HQ each afternoon. ISTs will have mail distributed by NSOs. No mail or packages are delivered to any program areas.

Incoming Mail

For youth and adult participants:

First Name Last Name
WSJ 2019 – Site# A223 – WSJ Unit# SWE026
92 SBR 2 Mount Hope, WV 25888

In the example above, the letter highlighted in orange is your base camp. The green number is your subcamp. The blue numbers are your unit campsite block. Your WSJ Unit# has two parts, with your country abbreviation in pink and your unit number in yellow. Your unit leader can help you make sure your address is perfectly correct.

For IST / CMT and all others:

First Name Last Name
WSJ 2019 – Site# E – WSJ NSO: SWE
92 SBR 2 Mount Hope, WV 25888

In the example above, the letter highlighted in orange is your base camp, and your country abbreviation is in pink. Most ISTs will be in Base Camp E (Ephesus). Main Medical Hospital staff should use Base Camp D. Pigott Bunkhouse staff, off-site staff, and select others should use the Jamboree HQ as their address. Mail with an identifiable NSO, but an insufficient or misleading address, will be delivered to the NSO HQ at the World Scout Center where your CMT will attempt delivery.

Outgoing Mail

Letters and packages that already have a stamp can simply be dropped off at any subcamp, base camp, or the Jamboree Headquarters. We will bring it to the official mail centers.

There are three official jamboree mail centers, run by the United States Postal Service (“USPS”). At these locations, you can purchase any items you may need for postage. You also will find a number of souvenir postal items with the jamboree logo for sale here in limited quantities, starting July 22. The mail centers are located at Scott Summit Center, in Base Camp D (Durham Castle) across from The Pools and Medical Hospital, and at Base Camp E (Ephesus) (for ISTs) throughout the week.

Please use your home address as your return address on any envelopes or parcels.

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