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Emergency Information

Jamboree Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Jamboree Emergency Line:: (+1) 304-465-2900
  • Secondary and Off-Site Emergency Line: 911
  • Jamboree Headquarters: (+1) 304-465-2789

Having trouble making a phone call? Have a staff member use the emergency radio channel.

Site-Wide Emergencies

In the event of a site-wide emergency, an announcement with directions will be made on our public address system, through the jamboree app, and over staff radios. If you experience any of the following, do not wait for the announcement. Act immediately.

Severe Weather, High Wind, and/ or Lightning Alert

Seek shelter in buildings, shower houses, and large white venue tents, or under base camp pavilions.


Seek shelter in permanent buildings, shower houses, or low-level areas.

Red or Black Flag Heat Advisory

Follow the water intake guide. Seek water and shade, rest, and, if needed, visit medical tents to cool off.

Site Evacuation

Avoid or move away from the area as quickly as possible and head toward the stadium. Watch and make way for emergency vehicles.

Base Camp Muster or Directed Headcount

If a mandatory check-in has been directed, everyone should notify their unit leader, IST work supervisor, or CMTs of their location and status. Return to your base camp and await further instructions.


Open fires of any kind are strictly prohibited. Only provided propane stoves are to be used for cooking. In case of fire, evacuate the area and call the Jamboree Emergency Line. If there is a fire alert, you will hear three one-second air horn blasts.

Once you have followed all official directions, stay in place until the “All Clear” message is provided.

Individual Emergencies

Your health and wellness are the most important part of this Jamboree. Please speak with your unit leader, your IST work supervisor, or a member of the safety/medical staff if you ever feel that you need help or just want to talk about something important to you. Let us make sure we take care of each other and ourselves.

Illness or Injury

There are medical centers in every base camp, at activity centers, and across all major areas of the Jamboree. If you feel sick or unwell, or become injured, talk to a member of our medical staff or contact the Jamboree Emergency Line. In severe medical emergencies, do not move injured persons and provide as much information as possible when calling (location, number of people, injury types, ages, etc.).

Feeling Unsafe or Unhappy?

Listening Ear and your unit leaders are here to share the weight of your feelings, worries, and thoughts. Listening Ear will have stations in each base camp and across the Jamboree. Allow us to help you.

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