A unique and fulfilling opportunity awaits you as a member of the 24th World Scout Jamboree Chaplaincy team. As a World Scout Jamboree chaplain, you fulfill your Duty to God – Duty to Scouting – Duty to The World in an important and impactful manner. Your ministry of service at the 24th World Scout Jamboree will provide you with an exceptional Scouting opportunity. As a chaplain, you fill a sacred and essential role at the Jamboree. You are a spiritual leader to the Jamboree participants of your faith community. Under your guidance and with your encouragement, the members of your faith will experience the beauty and power of their religious tradition in a unique and special setting: The Summit Bechtel Reserve. You guide these Scouts as they fulfill their Duty to God. You see that the specific religious needs of your faith community are met appropriately, adequately, and in a timely fashion. Following your example and with your guidance, Jamboree participants will experience and gain a deeper understanding of Duty to God and learn firsthand, why Duty to God is a foundational principle. This is first among your responsibilities.

Opportunities to counsel, pastor and teach will present themselves daily.  Visit the troops in your subcamp. Meet the Scoutmasters, troop leadership and the scouts from around our globe. Be visible and participatory. Your presence is welcomed and necessary.

Remember also that at the 24th World Scout Jamboree you will interact with scouts and scouters from all over the world and with people from faith traditions other than your own. You are a World Scout Jamboree chaplain to all who require your skills and talents. When issues arise that require a chaplain from a specific faith community, you will facilitate and arrange communication between those in need and the appropriate chaplain. You may need to contact Chaplains Headquarters to assist you in locating a chaplain from the appropriate faith tradition. Headquarters staff is eager to assist you in carrying out your duties faithfully and in a timely fashion.

Recruitment of chaplains for the 24th World Scout Jamboree is ongoing. It would be advantageous and extremely helpful to recruit female chaplains to serve on the chaplaincy staff, working both at the Faith and Beliefs Area as well as in the subcamps.  Also needed are accredited and approved chaplains who are multi-lingual.

It is expected that all clergy/chaplains participating on the 24th World Scout Jamboree chaplaincy staff will respect the religious traditions of each colleague and treat each other respectfully and with the honor due clergy colleagues.

At times you will be asked to carry out assignments that extend beyond the scope of your pastoral duties. As a subcamp chaplain you are a member of the subcamp staff. Participate in subcamp activities willingly and without hesitation. You will help set the standard for leadership and demonstrate the principles of the Scout Oath and Law. Chaplains lead by example, promoting cooperation, engendering respect and fostering understanding among Jamboree participants. Chaplains set the spiritual tone for the Jamboree and contribute to the success of the Jamboree through friendly, faithful and welcoming service.

The 24th World Scout Jamboree Chaplaincy Service is grateful for the privilege of working with you. Together we serve, in the name of God.  To apply contact your National Scout Organization.

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