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Roles and Expectations

The Role of the International Service Team

You are joining over 10,000 ISTs from across the globe who will make the 24th World Scout Jamboree possible. We could not host this large event without you, as you help serve our Scouting youth in every area and activity in order to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

IST members are expected to work hard and fulfill a vital role in motivating and supporting participants and providing services, program and facilities. Some roles may require long working hours or working at night. IST members will help ensure that all young people attending the jamboree leave with a wider view of the world, a deeper understanding of North America and a renewed commitment to Scouting.

Work Expectations

Few things are more fun than a jamboree, but it takes a lot of work too. We expect all ISTs to attend their work position, at the right time, each day. Failure to attend work will cause a loss of privileges and referral to your NSO. The IST Support Team will enforce the official “Work/Skip Policy” to ensure that you are meeting our commitments to yourself and each other. Skipping work hurts Scouts’ growth and we cannot allow that.

If you have problems with your role, please visit the IST Allocation desk at Base Camp E (Ephesus) HQ. Make sure to sleep well and eat regularly. Relax during breaks and while taking part in the many activities on-site available to you during your free days. We want to make sure everyone is at their best.

Work/Skip Policy

The jamboree relies on the dedication, enthusiasm, and ethics of its IST. Those who skip work are hurting the participant experience and opportunities for personal development.

Failing to appear for work, at your scheduled time, will cause you to lose out on the IST Superstar Award and may rise to the level of your NSO taking action. If you have any question regarding this, please contact any member of the IST Support Team, which will be enforcing the Work/Skip Policy and counseling ISTs who miss work. We expect ISTs to work hard and play hard.

Getting to Work

Each morning, transportation will be provided to work locations. Please review bus timetables in your base camp or in the IST Transportation Guide to ensure that you take the correct buses and do not miss this valuable resource. ISTs are always able to walk to their workstations (especially if they are close); however, most choose to cover the long distance by bus to avoid being late.

Jamboree Code of Conduct

Jamboree leadership and stewards staff will be enforcing the Jamboree Code of Conduct. If ISTs see behavior that violates this code, we should step forward, stop the behavior, and contact a nearby Steward. As mentors and role models, we cannot simply walk past bullying, substance abuse, or possession of prohibited items.

Important Reminders:

  • Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are not permitted at the World Scout Jamboree.
  • Tobacco is not allowed for youth. Adult leaders should support the attitude that we all are better off without tobacco products. The use of tobacco by visitors, IST, and leaders is restricted to designated areas, away from youth.
  • Electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems that simulate tobacco smoking are NOT permitted on- site at all. Tobacco is not allowed for anyone under 18.
  • It is unacceptable for anyone to use or be under the influence of medical marijuana at or during any Jamboree activity.

Other Items not allowed: drones, bikes, and long knives (no longer than 3 inches or 7.6 centimeters).

Safe From Harm

As the first line of protection for our youth participants, all ISTs must be proactive in looking for any indication of Safe From Harm violations.

All Safe From Harm incidents, no matter how minor, should be addressed immediately. Adults will refer to their Safe From Harm training while youth members will go to an adult for help and support. Incidents require documentation to ensure that concerns are addressed and kept track of. Leadership will determine whether the corrective action is sufficient and address any ongoing problem areas. Major incidents will be escalated to the proper teams to manage (including youth or adults in possession of controlled substances), as well as major incidents that may require police or other emergency services.


  • Stop the behavior/abuse immediately.
  • Separate the involved parties.
  • Call the Jamboree Emergency Line for assistance: (+1) 304-465-2900.
  • Listening Ear stations and all medical facilities are ready to assist you.
  • Staff at subcamp and base camp headquarters also are well trained to respond.

It is our job as adult leaders to protect youth and adults. If you have any concern regarding Safe From Harm violations or procedures, please contact the Jamboree Emergency Line: (+1) 304-465-2900.

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