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IST Dining

The primary dining option for IST is the three IST Dining Halls, each assigned by base camp. All dining halls are buffet style and self-service. You are welcome to take as much food as you need from the breakfast lines, dinner lines, fruit and salad bars, dessert bars, and the beverage stations. Most meals will have multiple options, with the greatest range of selections at the large dining hall in Ephesus.

Dining Hall Assignments

All ISTs are welcome to dine at base camp Ephesus. However, this is inconvenient for those ISTs who will be housed close to their work area. Please review the three dining options, and remember that those living in Ephesus are NOT able to dine at the other facilities without cause and an official dining pass.

  • Ephesus Dining Hall: The primary and largest dining hall in the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Regular breakfast service is from 05:00 to 10:00. Dinner is served from 17:00 to 22:00. Some exceptions (such as show days) will be announced and posted on dining hall announcement boards. A special dining pass is NOT required for ISTs to dine at Ephesus.
  • Thomas G. Pigott Dining Hall: If you are living in base camps Canadian Rockies and Durham Castle, you will dine in the Thomas G. Pigott Dining Hall facility, situated between the two base camps. The service hours for breakfast are from 05:30 to 08:00. Dinner hours are from 17:30 to 20:00. Some exceptions will be announced. A jamboree-issued dining pass IS required to eat here.
  • The Fork in the Road Diner: If you are living in base camps Agra Fort and Blenheim Palace, you will dine at The Fork in the Road Diner facility, situated between these two base camps. The service hours for breakfast are from 05:30 to 08:00. Dinner hours are from 17:30 to 20:00. Some exceptions will be announced. A jamboree-issued dining pass IS required to eat here.

The Dining Hall Experience

At all three dining halls, there will be a single waiting line (commonly called the Staff Dining Queue). As you wait and walk through the line, menu options  will be posted along the queue to help you decide which main entree you wish to choose. As the line reaches the serving area, there will then be a decision point where the queue splits into multiple serving lines, each containing one of the posted meal options. This multiline system offers IST the opportunity for greater food choices, special diet options, and reduced waiting time.

Please note the following:

  • Beverage stations are located after the serving lines and throughout the seating area.
  • Please be careful not to cross serving spoons from one serving dish into another.
  • Do not eat food inside your sleeping tents. Food may attract bears, raccoons, skunks, and other animals.
  • No patch swap displays are allowed in or around any of the dining halls during meal service times. We need all of the tables for ISTs to eat.
  • ISTs can always find coffee, tea, and water at the IST Dining Halls between breakfast and dinner. No food or beverages are available after dinner. These services resume the next morning during breakfast.
  • Meal service before the Jamboree (July 18) and after the Jamboree (August 2) will be limited (in terms of time, location, and entree options). Prior approval is required.

Summit2Go Lunches

Each day after breakfast, ISTs must pack their own lunch. Lunch options include many types of protein and nonperishable foods. Bring your “daily lunch ticket” and your own reusable bag to carry your lunch. At Ephesus, the line will form at the very end of the Dining Hall and will be open throughout breakfast and 30 additional minutes. All ISTs are able to assemble their Summit2Go Lunch at the Ephesus Dining Hall. However, Summit2Go Lunch lines will form at all IST Dining Halls for those who have specific dining passes for those other facilities. If you are unable to pick up lunch, you are able to delegate a friend by simply giving them your lunch ticket for that day and your reusable lunch bag.

IST Dining Schedule Challenges

If you are unable to eat a meal because of a job-essential matter, a late arrival, or a night show, the Food Team will attempt to arrange special feeding for you. Options available may include an earlier or later dinner time at the Ephesus Dining Hall. In rare cases, there may be an option of limited meal service delivery. If you missed breakfast and thus were unable to pick up lunch, please contact the Summit2Go lunch manager at so they can further help you. Remember, a friend can always pick up lunch for you with your meal ticket.

Various Dietary Ways

The IST dining facilities will offer products that accommodate Kosher, Halal, made-without-gluten, made without nuts, vegetarian, and vegan diets. Some of those dietary ways will be found in regular dining serving lines, such as vegetarian or vegan. Other dietary ways are often provided in sealed meal boxes that should be picked up for those who need them. If you have questions about any food item served, please contact any member of the Jamboree Food Team for clarification. ISTs who need special meals will receive special identification, authorizing them to pick up these meal options daily. There also will be dedicated microwave ovens for staff to warm special meal components. Look for the separate serving line and the signs indicating where the microwave ovens are located.

Dining Hall Social Use and Reservations

You will quickly find that the IST dining facilities are great places to gather, formally or informally. ISTs are expected to be in bed between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00. The dining halls, quiet tents, Ephesus headquarters, and Chat-N-Chew are open 24 hours a day for staff working night shifts. Special daytime-sleeping tents are available to these volunteers. To help us be prepared, larger gatherings need to reserve use of the IST dining areas. This prevents conflicts with the many scheduled events taking place in these spaces. Requests should be sent to, outlining your desired location, estimated headcount, date, and time requested. The Staff Dining Team will issue you a confirmation. Early submissions are suggested, as these spaces are popular. IMPORTANT: Please note that the Staff Dining Team is not permitted to provide any catering for these events.

Additional IST Food Options

Perhaps you are looking for a social snack or an alternative spot to eat a full meal; these paid food options may be of interest. Please note that a food purchase is not required to enjoy these spaces; however, food sales support these wonderful venues.


Between main meals at the Dining Hall, ISTs may want a space to relax and grab a quick bite to eat. For the 24th World Scout Jamboree, this place will be the IST camp snack bar commonly known as the Chat-N-Chew.

Located in the center of Base Camp Ephesus, Chat-N-Chew offers a vibrant area for ISTs to gather, listen to music, meet new friends, play games, trade patches (in designated areas), catch up on world news, and recharge for the work ahead. Picnic tables, a courtyard, water fountains, fire pit, power outlets, and large tents all make for a fun place to spend time. Use this space day or night with area lighting 24 hours a day. This area is festively themed like an old mining camp store and tents will be decorated with flags from different countries and past jamborees.

Chat-N-Chew also serves delicious food like pizzas, burgers, chicken tenders, and an array of other “snack bar fare.” Drinks include ice tea, Starbucks coffee, and a  full array of Coke and Pepsi products. For the hottest days, we have ice cream too!

Once the jamboree begins, Chat-N-Chew will also offer specialty evening meals every night from 18:00 to 21:00. The menu rotates and includes several premium dinner choices each night, including a steak dinner, the popular South Carolina low country boil, and several other choices. The Chat-N-Chew will sell tickets for these specialty dinners days in advance, ensuring that the right amount of food is prepared. Please note that the regular food court will still be available at the same time for those who have not purchased a specialty dinner meal ticket.

The Chat-N-Chew hours of operation are extensive. Coffee service starts at 06:00 with selected food options until 23:00. The full menu will be available from 11:00 until 21:00 and winds down until 22:00. The retail area closes and the music is turned off at 22:00, but the lights will stay on all night. Chat-N-Chew is completely run by volunteers. Special programs hosted here will include trivia, karaoke, and dancing.

IST Rainbow Cafe

At the 2007 World Scout Jamboree in the UK, a group of dedicated Scouters developed the idea of hosting a Rainbow Cafe for those who support or are a part of the LGBT+ community. More than a decade later, the Rainbow Cafe continues to be a part of world Scouting events, staffed by volunteers from around the globe.

The IST Rainbow Cafe will offer coffee and tea. It will be located in base camp Ephesus and is open to all adults serving as staff.


The Jamboree Guest Services Team also can offer special facilities, event planning, and catering services (through the Jamboree Food Team) to support special events at the World Scout Jamboree. Events can be sponsored by any jamboree individual or Scouting-related group and can include participants, ISTs, and even guest visitors. Events can be scheduled up to 48 hours prior to the event and planning services are available (early requests are encouraged). The Food Team is happy to accommodate custom orders and help with placing orders. Contact

Pop-Up Food Vendors

There will be several other opportunities for participants, leaders, ISTs, and visitors to purchase food on-site:

    • Snack bars at Scott Summit Center and Base Camp Ephesus
    • Beverage and snack pop-up stands across the Jamboree
    • Concessionaires in base camps A, B, C, D, and F, as well as Scott Summit Center and Mt. Jack
    • International Food Houses in Action Point

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