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Alexa is part of Unit 409. She is a Venturer from California who enjoys photography and travel-journaling. She wanted to be a Global Ambassador “to show the world how special Scouting is, how beautiful scouts are, and how we can all come together and share our common interests and joy to spread peace and goodwill around the world… I want to lead by example” she says, ‘and show the world how a smile can break through any barrier and how Scouting has something for everyone.”


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Jack is part of Unit 217. Since becoming a scout in first grade, Jack has been to Philmont, Sea Base, and the Summit, including for the 2017 National Jamboree where he became an avid patch and neckerchief trader. In his words, “out of all these trades, my purple 2017 Jamboree International Scout.

Neckerchief has become the most valuable to me, not because of any sort of material worth, but because of the story that goes along with it. I received it while exploring F camp, where all the international scouts stayed. I met people from all around the world in my search, but it was not until after hours of searching that I met a Korean scout who wanted to trade like me. Like the large majority of international scouts I met that day, she could not speak English. We therefore had to communicate without the spoken word, not only to reach a trading agreement, but to learn about each other and our cultural differences. Ever since then I have worn the neckerchief to every scouting event I have attended, as it represents my new mission to become a global citizen.”


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Jakob is part of Unit 309. Jakob has spent much of his Scouting career developing his leadership skills as a leader to his troop and NYLT course, skills he has also carried over to service to his church. When thinking about his role as Global Ambassador, he reminds us of a quote by B-P:

“No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way.” -Robert Baden-Powell

“This quote” Jakob explains, “states that one must not only acknowledge but also accept the responsibility of leaving tracks throughout one’s life; and as a US Contingent Global Ambassador, I will be prepared to sow seeds of inspiration in scouts around the world via the media I create.”


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Sahil is attending the Jamboree as part of Unit 407. Among his friends, Sahil is known for his showmanship. He’s your guy “if you need a little cheering up or an entire stand-up comedy show.” He’s excited to make new friends at Jamboree and find new ways to connect people. For Sahil, the key to a good Jamboree is Unity. “As a scout of multiple ethnicity,” he says, “unity takes on an entirely different meaning for me. I believe Scouting has the potential to unite cultures around the globe in unprecedented ways. Especially today, it’s extremely important we embrace And this and cherish each other’s diversity.”