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City: Windhoek
Rank: Scout: Assistant Patrol Leader
Favorite scouting experience: All of the scout camps. Where we make skits and sit around the campfire and you just get to know your fellow scouts on a more personal level. Also, learning more pioneering skills and doing things such as being dropped off in the middle of nowhere and having to find your way back to the campsite.
What are you most excited about for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree? Aerial sports, River rafting, Cultural Celebration Day and also meeting so many different people! 🙂
Why do you want to serve as a Global Ambassador? I love meeting new people and being a Global Ambassador will allow me to meet people from so many different different walks of life. I also love trying out new things and being an ambassador allows me to share these new experiences with the Scouts back home and also all over the world. I also love documenting my experiences grouch photos because it reminds us of people, places, stories and feelings at that time and I am am sure every Scout will want to remember their experience at the WSJ and I will be able to give a taste of what it was like to the Scouts not present.
What countries would you like to meet scouts from? Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Canada, Belarus