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Hoi Tik

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City: Hong Kong
Rank: Venture Scout, 30th Silver Jubilee District
Favorite scouting experience: The opportunity to spend time with my friends during all kinds of scouting and outdoor activities.
What are you most excited about for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree? There are too many things to be excited about. The big zip, Scuba, Water Reality, The Barrels just to name a few.
Why do you want to serve as a Global Ambassador? Being a Global Ambassador allows me to have special access to certain activities and thus I can share the fun and joy to those who are unable to participate in it.
What countries would you like to meet scouts from? United States of America
Social Media:
Instagram: @hoitik._.leung


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City: Hong Kong
Rank: Senior Patrol Leader
Favorite scouting experience: From my over eight years of experiences as a scout, I have obtained a variety of hilarious, fond, and lifelong memories from both overseas and within Hong Kong. However, my favorite and proudest moment within scouts did not originate from my wildest adventures, like canoeing down Germany or pioneering towers, but rather a frustrating, human moment. In Hong Kong, we have an annual competition and scout rally where troops are chosen to perform a footdrill sequence. As our group was practicing, there was one younger member who was being uncooperative, which frustrated the rest of the footdrill team, thus they resorted to blaming him. I recalled a memory where my past Senior Patrol Leader at the time pulled aside a misbehaving scout and spoke to him sincerely, which worked. Similarly, as the SPL, I pulled this member aside and asked him how he felt. I ended up giving him space to express his anger, as well as his passion. When we returned, he cooperated willingly, enhancing our team spirit. We ended up with great results in the footdrill competition! This specific moment reminds of my ability to inspire and serve others, and what it means to be a scout.
What are you most excited about for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree? I have attended several Jamborees in recent three years of scouting including Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, and the World Scout Jamboree has been hyped up since my first. I’ve grown accustomed to Jamboree traditions environment, hence I am especially eager to witness the magnified scale of the full spirit within the international scout community. I am excited to meet new local and overseas friends and bond over similar interests, to challenge myself to try new and daring activities, and to create worthwhile lifelong memories.
Why do you want to serve as a Global Ambassador? Being appointed as a global ambassador was such an honour. When we were offered this opportunity, I was excited to employ my experience in promotions, passion in journalism, and emit pride for my home city. I am determined maximize this chance offer a voice from Hong Kong scouts, sharing and learning about the modifications of scouting all around the world. I also believe that this position would be beneficial for my pursuit in journalism and international relations, as I am able to practice photography and media skills. Furthermore, I truly wanted to capture these memorable moments, not only for an audience or reporting, but to remind myself of full sensation of the beautiful things I will see, the people I will encounter, and the adventures I will face.
What countries would you like to meet scouts from? – Kenya
– Fiji
– North Macedonia
– Pakistan
– Syria
Social Media:
Facebook: Charisse Kong