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Ambassador Code of Conduct

  • I will follow the rules set forth by the 2019 WSJ Code of Conduct
  • I will conduct myself online as I would in real life as a scout
  • I will follow this code of conduct when posting on social media
  • I will respect the privacy of my fellow scouts in my content
  • I will remember that my goal is to share my excitement and experiences with fellow scouts
  • If I have any questions about how to act or what to post, I will seek guidance from WSJ-GA staff member


Example Blog Posts


From Bennett 2010 BSA National Jamboree 

  • Tell about Experiences: “…Between kayaking, rock climbing, shooting and mountain boarding, many Scouts had no idea where to begin. The many acres of forests and open fields left them standing in awe, quickly trying to decide what to do. My buddy and I decided to shoot air rifles first. After waiting in line, we finally got to the front and stepped up to take our shots. Afterward, we decided to participate in the disability awareness course, as well as archery…”
  • Tell about the Shows: “…On Saturday night, we had an arena show, which attracted more than 70,000 Scouts and guests. During the show, President Barack Obama sent the camp a video message congratulating us on what we have achieved through Scouting…”


From Jake about his trip to Philmont Scout Ranch

  • Dive into the descriptive details and share how you feel: “…we ended this long day with the opening campfire. This was truly the start of our experience here. It was disappointing that it had to be moved to the Welcome Center, with no actual fire, but it still built anticipation for the next day. At the end, the called up all of the Crew Leaders and presented us with a small American Flag to hang on our bags. This was very special to me as it was the first time that I was recognized as the Crew Leader, and that I was proud to have my role. We went to bed around 9 PM turning in our cots, excited to hit the trail.”
  • Talk about your fellow scouts: “…the crew I was assigned to, will be going on Trek 22. Some highlights include hiking over the Tooth of Time, and hiking over Mt. Baldy (tallest mountain on Philmont property). Perhaps the most exciting part for me is that I was elected crew leader. The other crew will be following Trek 16, which includes hiking over Mt. Phillips (second tallest peak on Philmont property) and hiking back into base camp over the Tooth of Time…”


Blog Submission Process



  • Ensures that it meets the criteria:
    • ≥ 300 words and 1 photo
      ≥ 4 images, with captions
      A video with a caption
  • Send an email to 
    • Email Subject: [Blog Code eg: USA-Jack] – [Blog title]
    • Email Body:  Title and content to post
  • Be prepared for feedback. Remember: feedback is a gift!


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