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Performing at the Base Camp Bash in F

I was packing when I wrote the song that I played at the Talentshow in F last week. I was bored and inspired and procrastinating and, as we all know, procrastination brings the best out of all of us. I performed it twice, and apparently the management liked it so much, that they asked me to sing it again, today at the Base Camp Bash in F!

Around 4:30pm the sound check started and I actually got to talk to the band  members of FiftyAmpFuse! Underneath you will see a selfie I did with Barb Alent, one of the talented lead singers.

I was put on just before the actual band started. And I was nervous, because I’d never sung an original song in front of so many other people.

The whole experience was amazing though and I felt incredibly lucky to have been given the chance to perform!


Maya Levine